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Pool electric bike trial at CMFT Charity

Pool electric bike trial at CMFT Charity

On Friday, 18th August 2017 i got up earlier than usual.

Apart from my every morning routine i was getting ready to deliver an electric bike to Joel Oxberry, corporate fundraising manager at Central Manchester Foundation Trust Charity.

We meet with Joel at the networking event in The Fuse, a multi purpose venue in Partington in March.

After telling him that i cycled all the way from Moss Side on my pedelec ( another name for electric bike) Joel raised an interest of using the electric bike to commute to the meetings by him and his team. Joel and i had a few meetings since to discuss how the electric bike could benefit Joel, his team and the charity. There was a huge potential of cutting the costs of using taxis, carbon emissions and potentially raising some money for CMFT charity. We decided that one month trial would be a good starting point.

The next step was to raise the awareness amongst his colleagues.

The survey respond wasn’t huge. There was only 1 person ( beside Joel) who raised an interest in pool electric bike trial. Considering that in Joel’s team there are 20 people, 10% of interest is not so bad to start with.

On Friday morning, at 10:30AM i delivered the electric bike to the charity office based in the City Labs 1.0.

The bike Velo Times offered is a Scott E-Sub Tour equipped with mudguards, rack, pannier, lights, 400wh battery and bosch active line motor. everything you need to commute during day and night, rain or shine in Manchester. I explained how everything works (there isn’t much to explain really as these electric bikes are very simple to use) then i passed the keys on to his new commuting machine.


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