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Batteries – What’s all the buzz?

Batteries – What’s all the buzz?


A battery that is positioned on the frame is very close to the centre of gravity, thus having a positive effect on the handling of the electric bike. A battery that is positioned on the rear rack provides more clearance for step-through bikes, allow easier access when mounting and dismounting the electric bike.

Tips for optimising a batteries range

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your battery. The technology in Lithion-ion batteries makes them into efficient and long-lasting power supplies. As an eBike rider though there are things you could do to help maximise its range.

  • Don’t pedal too slow, this can be very costly in terms of energy. Try and keep a good level of cadence to optimize the efficiency of the drive unit. Leading to number 2. Gears.

  • Use your gears, lower ones for starting and going up hill and higher gears for terrain where you can reach speed ie. flat and downhills.

  • Weight, try not to carry more than you have to, extra weight will pull on the battery levels.

  • Starting and braking. As with a car, starting and stopping often is less economical. Longer distances at a constant speed is better.

  • Pump up your tyres. Inflate your tyres up to the maximum pressure, this will reduce the rolling resistance and maximise the battery range.

  • Watch the bar. If your onboard display unit has a power bar, try to keep a short bar. The longer the bar the greater the power consumption.

  • Winter usage and storage. In temperature below 0c the batteries efficiency drops. Store your battery in temperatures between 0-20c. If you plan to store your battery, store it at room temperature but no hotter than 60c. Also its best to store them when they’re between 30-60%. charged(about 2-3 LEDs on the battery indicator).


250w • You live in a flat to moderately hilly area • The rider’s weight is under 200 lbs


• You live in an area with some steep hills • The rider’s weight is over 200 lbs

500w • You live in a really hilly area and want to have a lot of torque and power to go uphill, while still maintaining higher cruising speed • The rider’s weight is over 200 lbs


750W motor is designed to give you maximum climbing power on hills and mountain trails.

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