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  • Can I park my car by the shop and leave it there while I go riding?
    Yes, absolutely. If there's no space outside the shop you are more than welcome to use the Jackson's Boat Pub car park which is at the end of the lane. Pay and display parking charges apply in the whole area and it is your responsibility to pay not later then before you leave. If you get a fine unfortunately we will be unable to help you as the parking is run by a third party. Parking charges are: £1 for up to 2 hours, £2 for up to 4 hours and £5 for all day.
  • Does helmet come with the rental?
    Yes it does. Children under 18 years old are obliged to use helmets. If you're over 18 years and would like to use a helmet please ask our staff memeber for one.
  • Are water and snacks available in the shop?
    You can purchase any snacks, drinks and some lunch at Jackson's Boat Pub (opposite our shop).
  • How early can i pick up my bike rental?
    You can pick up your bike as soon as we open in the morning at 10am.
  • How late can i return the bike rental?
    Please try to return your bike not later than 15 minutes before shop closing times.
  • Are the trails suitable for all the family?
    Yes, trails are traffic free and flat. We offer a range of great quality bikes and equipment, even for the smaller riders., suitable for the surrounding trails.
  • I'm new to Manchester. Do you provide trail maps and can you inform me where to ride?
    There are fantastic trails around with some amazing sightseeing and we are more than happy to point them to you. We will also give you cycling map covering the whole area.
  • What kind of deposit do you accept?
    We don't take cash for the deposit. You will need to bring a valid photo ID. You will then need to fill a short waiver form and we will take a picture of your photo ID. When you return the bike please let us know if you want us to delete these photos or save them for future bike rental.
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