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Cycling a remedy for inactivity

Cycling a remedy for inactivity

In April this year the BBC reported that nearly 20million million people in the UK are physically inactive. The British Heart Foundation estimated that this level of inactivity could cost the NHS £1.2billion each year.

On reading a 2014 Everybody Active report conducted by Public Health England, I was surprised to see the UK levels of inactivity higher than those in the USA. The UK were placed at 63.3% inactivity levels, whereas the USA came in at 40.5%.

It was no surprise though to see that the Netherlands only had inactivity levels at 18.2%.

According to the Department of Health the recommended amount of activity a week is 150 minutes. This could be 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity.

How I achieve my quoter.

I don’t see myself as being particularly active. We have customers who commute over 30 miles a day, complete triathlons and do Landsend to John O’Groats for a break. Cycling though has become so ingrained in me that it’s something I just do, I consider myself to be lucky in that respect as i’m not starting from a point where i need to change any behavioural habits. I have a 4mile commute and use my bike for transporting my son around. If i do this amount for 5 days I easily reach 30 mins of moderate exercise a day. This equals to the 150 minutes of the recommended moderate exercise and being 22 weeks pregnant it is currently ‘moderate’.

Benefits to Health

Where to start?

People who manage the recommended activity levels see significant improvements to their health.

Cycling your way to health

An average commute is less than 3miles, this can be achieved with a 15 minute cyclecommute each way for 5 days.

  • There is lots of support out there to get you started. jump onboard with your employers cycle to work scheme.

  • Seek a cycling buddy.

  • TFGM offer free cycling lessons to gain confidence on the road, they also have free maintenance sessions if a puncture halts your pedalling

Cycling a remedy for inactivity: Testimony from Dr Lowry

GP, cycle commuter and Active Warrington member.

” I use my bike everyday. My commute to work and home visits are done entirely without a car. This lets me fit healthy activity into the normal flow of my day-and saves me money! VeloTimes. provide an excellent service that supports me in my active travel choices.”


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