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Subscription Maintenance Plan

Welcome to our Subscription Maintenance Plan

We know how hard it is for you to take care of your bike. Working, taking care of the house, having family time, meeting with friends and there’s even more things on the list. In this fast pacing world you barely get any time to sleep. Then suddenly you realise that your bike needs a lot of work. Because of lack of maintenance the cost of repair goes much higher than you thought.

We have a solution. Our subscription maintenance plan will help you to:

  • keep the bike in great condition all year around
  • save your money
  • save your time
  • spread the maintenance cost
  • make the commuting a pure joy

What’s in the package?

  • Scheduled services
  1. two safety services
  2. one general service
  3. one premium service
  • 50% discount on any emergency repairs
  • 10% discount on all replacement/upgrade parts
  • Free advice
  • Courtesy bike

What’s the cost?

The Subscription Maintenance Plan price:

  • £399 (annual payment)
  • £39.99 (monthly payment)


Payment Options

If for any reason you would like to unsubscribe please click the button below:




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