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Manta saddle

Manta saddle

What are you sat on?

This was my response to a customer who popped into the shop whilst on his way from Lands End to John O’Groats. The two friends were on day 6 and making there way upwards to John O’Groats. He was riding an retro fit electric bike fitted with a Bafang rear hub motor. This e-bike was the workhorse, carrying all the bags. He tried to talk to me about his electric bike but my concentration was diverted as my eyes were working out what it was he was using as a saddle.

I had to interrupt him, What are you sat on? I asked.

The Manta Saddle was invented in by a company based on the Isle of Skye and in conjunction with Cambridge University.

“We’ve so far completed around 400 miles, I’m in ordinary shorts, no pads and don’t feel any pain or discomfort” he said

Where as his friend had been complaining loudly for the last 200 miles and was wearing padded shorts.

The Manta Saddle claim to be re-thinking bicycle seating.

The Manta consists of a group of elements mounted on a central pivot. These levers become narrower from the front, to the rear ischial area. The elements pivot around a central spine – a kinetic support area, in harmony with the rider’s legs.

They say the Manta’s unique articulation provides:
• a natural seating area
• near-zero pressure on perineum, zero nerve pressure
• optimised comfort, less pain, more enjoyment, more miles
• exceptional ventilation
• designed by the body to support the body
• it looks pretty fantastic

The Manta MS9 costs £125.00 (carriage included

For more details visit Manta’s website :