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Electric Bike Demo Day at Central Manchester Hospitals

Electric Bike Demo Day at Central Manchester Hospitals

What is it? How does it work? Why should I use it? These are the questions we ask ourself when someone mentions electric bike.

The Electric Bike is a marvellous invention . You don’t need to have a registration plate, driver’s license, helmet, nor insurance. You happily travel on a healthy and environmentally friendly machine and have a freedom of choice that cars will never offer.

Steep hills in the north of Manchester and long distances can make the car a necessity even if it is a forced choice. But with our electric bikes that can travel at constant 15mph regardless the weather, terrain or health, there is more incentive to keep on pedalling. Electric bike is an excellent form of active transport and it provides you with that backwind when you most need it.

However, to be able to understand it’s potential and benefits you have to try one.

That’s why, Together with Environmental Sustainability department at Central Manchester Hospitals we would like to invite you to Electric Bike Demo Day. This fantastic event will take place on Wednesday, 2nd August between 10am and 2pm, next to M&S shop at Central Manchester Hospitals grounds.

We will bring a number of different style electric bikes ( such as hybrid, commuter, folding, al terrain) to suits everyone’s needs. You will be able to test it on the local street or if you less confident we will set them up on special rollers so you don’t have to worry about the traffic. Our member of staff will be happy to answer all the questions related to electric bikes and their technology. We will also bring some accessories that you might find useful while traveling on electric bike.

Hope to see you there…


Arek Bartniczak

Director of Velo Times

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