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CMFT Electric Bike Demo Day – reflection on last week’s event

CMFT Electric Bike Demo Day – reflection on last week’s event

On Wednesday, 2nd August we have launched the first Electric Bike Demo Day for Central Manchester Foundation Trust staff. With a huge help from Environmental Sustainability department (who promoted the event) and their gazebo we have set up our Velo Times stall next to Marks & Spencer shop. Although the weather was a mixture of rain and wind almost 50 people came to visit us and talk about advantages electric bikes offer. Majority of them (38 people) decided to test at least one of electric bike models we brought to the event. The pedelecs (another name for pedal assisted electric bikes) we used were:

  • Scott E-Sub Active Unisex – Bosch Active

CMFT Demo Day



Our survey showed that majority of respondents (57%) travel to work between 3 and 6 miles and others (43%) over 6 miles.

46% of respondents declared that they are using a car as their main mode of transport. Each person produces around 4kgs of carbon dioxide on 12 miles trip to and from work each day. Electric bike in congested city is as fast as a car (if not faster) and creates 0 carbon dioxide emissions.

During CMFT Electric Bike Demo Day we have also asked the participants to describe in few words their experience on riding an electric bike.

These are some of the answers:

“They were far easier to ride and more powerful than I expected”

“I had reservations about electric bikes as believed it would be less of a workout but in reality you can put in the same effort you would on a push bike, you just go a lot faster on that same effort”


“Surprising, educational, fun”

“it felt amazing”

When asked what are the most important factors about electric bikes, our respondents in first place pointed on Savings. Almost as many people found Health benefits and Ease of use as important.

We would like to thank everyone who decided to spend their time to visit our Electric Bike Demo stall.

Happy cycling:)




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