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Wheels of Change week 1

Wheels of Change week 1

Hi, my name is Joel Oxberry and i am a corporate fundraising manager at CMFT Charity.

On Friday I received my very first electric bike from Velo Times.

It is a SCOTT E-Sub Tour and claims to be the ideal commuter bike. Equipped with features like a Custom Racktime carrier, comfortable geometry, and ePowered by Bosch with a 400wh battery on paper, it has everything you need to get around time easily and reliably. I couldn’t wait for 5pm so that I could get on it straight after work and take it home for the weekend.

The great thing about these bikes is that you don’t need all the cycling gear.

I was dressed in jeans, a shirt and trainers and I felt confident that I could cycle the 13 miles home with ease. In part, this is because I’m fairly comfortable on a bicycle, having a road bike at home which I used to commute into work on,; but primarily, the reason for my confidence was due to the fact that I knew if needed, I could increase the support I received from the battery to “turbo” and get to 15mph with very little effort.

Jumping on at 5.15pm, I arrived at home at 6.00pm!

The journey home in a car would take me anything from 30 minutes to an hour (dependent on traffic). To be able to complete this on a bicycle in roughly the same time was incredible and totally unexpected. I averaged around 17mph all the way home, letting the battery carry me at 15mph when I needed a rest, and pedalling faster when I had my second wind. I took in some amazing sites with Google Maps (on cycle mode of course!) taking me through parks and cycle paths that I had no idea existed. Unfortunately, part way through the journey the heavens opened and I got drenched, but despite this, the bottom of my jeans were never muddy as the mudguards and chain were well covered.

When I got home, I felt like I had done a workout being slightly out of breath, but not to the extent where I felt I couldn’t do anything else for the day.

In fact, I immediately got straight back on it to nip to the shops for some essentials, packing them in the spacious pannier with ease. Unfortunately, I didn’t get chance to cycle over the weekend as I had a really busy one, but I can’t wait for my next cycling instalment!

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