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For the love of… electric bike

For the love of… electric bike

These easy to use and carbon neutral vehicles have a host of benefits. Whether you are commuting to work, hopping from client to client, working off sight or visiting your friends or family. Our team offer support and care throughout your electric bike transition journey. Our experience and knowledge can help you choose an electric bike that is right for you.

For the Love of your TIME

Electric bikes can be more versatile, faster and more efficient than cars.
Electric bikes make it possible to cycle on steep ascents in a full-on headwind. Most of us travel less than 15 miles to work. Electric bikes are ideal for distances of this kind. With an electric bike you are fast and flexible. You can cover distances more easily and increase the radius of distances hat you can travel. Power assistance gives you a real boost in the city. You will leave tailbacks behind you and don’t need to worry about finding somewhere to park either.

For the Love of your MONEY

Our electric bikes are easy on the wallet… No fuel costs, insurance premiums, car tax or parking charges. Now that is a genuine saving! Average car can cost up to £2.00 per mile. Electric bikes cost up to £0.14 per mile, that is a saving of up to 93%. Save money on taxi fares. eBikes are much less expensive than cars to buy and to maintain. The cost of fuel alone for a diesel-powered car is currently around £11.00 per 100 miles. 100 miles on a pedelec costs around £0.60.

For the Love of your HEALTH

Our electric bikes are the right step towards a healthy lifestyle and happiness. They prevent health conditions, increase physical activity and improve mental wellbeing.Air pollution can have significant effects on health and the environment, at a local level it is the adverse air quality consequences of emissions that are of most concern, especially emissions of fine particles that have potential for the greatest damage to the health and wellbeing of those who live and work in a city. The greatest contributor to these fine particles is road traffic.Keeps you fit, makes you mobile
Keep fit! Despite the power assistance, you still need to pedal to get moving. You decide how much assistance you want or need. Using electric bike you can cycle more often and cover much longer distances than on conventional bike.

For the Love of the CITY

Our electric bikes contribute towards sustainable city development. They help to save on resources and emissions as well as to reduce noise. Electric bikes go easy on the environment. Half of all car journeys are 5 miles or less, and, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the CO2 emissions of a car are around 40 times higher than those of a bicycle with a battery-powered motor. So by using an electric bike rather than a car for short distances you are protecting the environment and your city.