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Is electric bike and moped the same thing?

Electric Bike and Moped

I received many comments from our customers asking if electric bike is like a moped?

In this article i will try to define if electric bike and moped are the same thing…

1. Electric Bike and Moped – Definition

Moped is a combination of motorcycle and bicycle with a low powered engine/motor. Mopeds can be ridden without requiring motorcycle licence.

Sounds familiar? This description fits perfectly to pedal assisted electric bike.

So how come they are classified as two different types of vehicle?

2. Electric Bike and Moped – Differences

Pedal assisted ebike is a bicycle where the rider’s pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor.

Electric bike has the following features:

  • it is classified as a conventional bicycle
  • it cuts the power when the rider is not pedalling
  • a maximum speed not exceeding 15.6 mph (25 km/h)
  • the minimum required age is 14 years old
  • electric motor must have a maximum power output of 250 watts
  • can have more than two wheels
  • it can be used anywhere pedal bikes are allowed
  • no insurance required
  • no tax required
  • no number plate required
  • no registration with DVLA rerquired
  • no helmet required

A moped is a motorcycle or scooter that has the following features:

  • a maximum design speed not exceeding 31 mph (50 km/h)
  • an engine capacity of less than 50cc.
  • It can be also moved by pedals
  • the minimum required age is 16 years old
  • third party insurance is required
  • registration with DVLA is required
  • number plate is required
  • road tax is required
  • can be used on most roads (excluding motorways)
  • provisional driving licence with CBT or Driving licence are required
  • you can’t take passengers without full motorcycle licence
  • you may only ride in a bus lane during the times displayed on the signs
  • helmet is required

Electric Bike and Moped – Summary

Although they have some similarities, electric bike and moped are two completely different hybrids. Moped can offer you greater speed without using any effort, however it doesn’t mean you will reach your destination quicker. With electric bike you can use bus and cycle lanes, shortcuts through the park etc.

Pedals on mopeds offer you an assist if the motor brakes, pedals on electric bikes keep you fit and encourage you to exercise.

Plus, with electric bike you save time and money by not worrying about tax and insurance.


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