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Cleaning your electric bike

Cleaning your electric bike


Every now and again you’ll need to clean your electric bike or if you’re an eMTB probably after each ride.

It’s very tempting to get the jet wash out and just give it a quick blast, but be warned, a jet wash can drive out necessary grease and lubricants. Water can also get into electrical internals which will eventually cause corrosion. Even with a hose avoid hubs, headsets, bottom brackets and anywhere with internal bearings that need grease to perform correctly.

Where to start?

Remove the battery
The drivetrain is where most dirt collects. By cleaning the drivetrain first you will avoid spreading this greasy dirt to other area of the bike. Using a degreaser will effectively clean and degrease chains, gear mechanisms and sprockets. Be careful not to use too much. This is to avoid excessive degreaser creeping into working greased parts. Try to avoid degreaser around the motor, we don’t want any seeping into the working parts.
Remember to lube the chain, – Use a decent chain oil to keep the chain lubricated after cleaning, make sure it isn’t left dry. Wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the summer.

Weldtite have brought out a range of eCare productions specifically designed for the care and maintenance of eBikes. They are designed to
Clean and protect your electric bike

Weldtite eCare Connection Spray 150ml

• A non-corrosive and non-conductive contact cleaner which protects and cleans electrical components, leaving no residue behind. The powerful jet spray can be used from all angles with no loss of penetrating power.
Weldtite eCare Degreaser Spray 150mll
• Effectively cleans and degreases chains, gear mechanisms and sprockets. Rapid air drying formula leaves no residue, allowing you to re-lube your chain straight after cleaning.
Weldtite eCare Foam Cleaner Spray 150ml
• Multi use foam cleaner designed for the quick removal of all dirt, oil or insect residues. Fragranced, deep cleaning acid and solvent free formula. For use on frames, handlebars and forks.
Weldtite eCare Chain Lubrication Spray 150ml
• A superior lubricant spray for maintaining the precision made parts of eBikes. Both lubricates and protects against corrosion. Suitable for use on chains, gear mechanisms and sprockets.

…and finally use a specific cleaning product for braking surfaces. Some cleaning products may leave a coating on rims and rotors. This may leave them not so great with performance. An ideal product we use in our workshop is Isopropyl Alcohol. This removes any contaminants which may be on rims or disc rotors. (Use in an airy space though, quite pongy)

Finally, finally…

If you are going to use washing up liquid just make sure you rinse off the suds properly. Some washing up liquid contains salt.

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