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Which mudguards


Whatever your choice of steed. Whether it be hybrid, mountain or road bike. Which mudguards will fit? Over the years we have adapted, axe sawed and changed mudguards to fit. We have attached many and below are ones we like. So from commuter to racer we have mudguards to match. When buying mudguards there are a few factors to consider.  Here are some we’ve tried and tested.

Road bike

Firstly, if you’re planning on building up some leg miles during the winter, mudguards will help you stay as dry as possible. With road bikes consider how much clearance there is between the frame and the tyre.  Also consider where you will attach the mudguard, does your road bike have mounts for them?  Our customers like MPart QDR Quick Detach mudguards, we like them too. Easy to install, easy to adapt and strong. We also found out that the rear has a tail which prevents your friends at the back from getting mud in their eye.

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Mountain bikes

Mountain bikers are supposed to be a mucky lot. If you have no wish to slurry up your gear, then go for mudguards. MTB mudguards are designed to allow the suspension still to function. Mudguards for MTB also expect a lot of dirt, so they need to be positioned pretty high to avoid clogging.  Again simplicity is what we like. Crud Racepac 2 are easy to fit and have a strong bracket for the rear mudguard.

Which mudguards

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Hybrid and commuter bike

Mudguards are the commuters friend. They keep your back clean and they keep your feet dry and prevent soggy bottoms. We like full mudguards for ultimate protection. The ones we’ve tried and trusted are Mpart Primoplastics mudguards. These mudguards are durable and strong. The mudflaps also stop your friends behind from shouting at you. We’ve found that these one are adaptable to allow for disc brake technology.

which mudguards

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