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Light side of the Law

Light side of the Law

Are you on the Light side of the Law? The law on lights was updated in 2009. Road Vehicle Lighting Regulation states in the hours of darkness, between sunset to sunrise moving bicycles need to have lights and reflectors.

Front and rear lights need to be 48 Lumens or 4 candelas. Reflectors needs to be fitted on your bike, this is a rear red reflector and 4 amber pedal reflectors. Both lights need to be fitted to your bike and be no higher than 1500mm. Helmet mounted lights aren’t legally correct. This is due to the height, the lights not always facing forward and they can dazzle on coming drivers.  The light should be mounted centrally or to the right hand side with the front facing straight forward and the rear pointing straight behind.

If displaying a reasonable front and rear light it is unlikely that you will be stopped. However a cyclist involved in a road accident  may have ‘contributory negligence’ used against them.

Arek invested in a dynamo hub powered set of lights, he’s pretty smug of the fact that he is never caught out by having dud batteries or by simply losing his lights. Some dynamo lights stop working when you stop but this is still legal because you’re not moving. Modern dynamo lights have standlight technology. This technology keeps the light on when you need to stop at the lights.

I use battery and USB charging lights. A selection of ones I use and love are below.

Infini lights

 Lava 500 (500) A perfect explorer light for night time riding. Great to be seen but for you to see too. Has 5 settings ranging from low to high as well as pulsing and flashing. The running time depending on the setting can vary between 3hr to 9hr. Buy now


Lava super bright Micro (80 Lumens) This light is brighter than the legal requirement, so will gave you confidence for your late commutes home. It also comes as a twin pack with the Lava rear light. Buy now


Aria 2 red and 1 white led (40 Lumens) A versatile light, which can either be used for the front or the rear. 40 Lumens make this a fantastic back up and safety light, for when you need it. Buy Now

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